The Bikini Diaries
By Sarah W
Feb 1, 2009 - 5:17:03 PM

Gwendolyn “Wendy” Carnes has arrived at the luxurious and high-class Emerald Shores Beach Resort in Florida with a mission: to evaluate the resort and find out if it is worth investing in. In this glamorous world, everything seems perfect but it is Wendy’s job to find the flaws. Wendy cannot help noticing all the beautiful women that are at the resort, but one confident bikini wearing woman really stands out in Wendy’s mind. She wants to be that confident in her own skin and decides to make her trip to Emerald Shores an exploration of herself. She buys some new clothes and decides to find a sexy, incredibly hot man to have a fling with.

When Wendy meets Brandon at a club, she knows he is the one: the perfect man to have her fling with at Emerald Shores. Brandon is more than agreeable. He loves Wendy’s shy but naughty flirtations and her intelligent and sexy mind. The more time he spends with Wendy, the more intimate they become, the more Brandon’s heart starts to want something more with her. But will Wendy’s experiment and her job get in the way of a more permanent relationship?


Hot, sizzling, and sexy! THE BIKINI DIARIES will make you long for a lavish vacation of your own. Wendy is definitely a bit closed off as the story begins but the more time she spends exploring her own needs and getting to know Brandon, the more wanton and wild she becomes. That is not to say it is a total departure of character for her, but she definitely becomes more uninhibited and experiences life. Her transformation is sweet and very sensual and Brandon is just the right man to help her unleash her inner goddess. Though Brandon is definitely a player, Wendy throws him for a loop and he starts to want something different with her, even as he appreciates both her “bad” and “good” sides. Lacey Alexander definitely will scorch your senses with THE BIKINI DIARIES! Daring Wendy and lusty Brandon tear up the sheets and touch the heart in this erotic love story. Lacey Alexander is a must-buy for every erotic romance reader!

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