The Sherbrookes of Newport, book 3 - The Billionaire Princess
By Dottie
May 24, 2013 - 2:05:16 PM

Sara Sherbrooke, the president’s daughter, works as the chief of staff for Senator Healey. She has been curious ever since she received her brother, Jake’s, call, requesting her to come to Hawaii immediately. Jake had promised to have someone meet her at the airport, but the last thing she expected was to be sharing a limo with Jake’s best friend and former college roommate Christopher Hall. Seeing him again, her pulse quickens. Sara has had several failed relationships as it seems that the only men who attract her are those who are more interested in the Sherbrooke name with its political and business connections. Her last failed relationship left her with trust issues and she has begun to doubt that she will ever find that special someone. So, instead, she is concentrating on her own political career.


Arriving at the Sherbrooke Hotel and Spa, an enterprise owned by the Sherbrooke family, to meet with her brother, Sara is shocked to discover that Jake and his fiancée Charlotte are going ahead with an impromptu wedding without their parents being present. Neither Jake nor Charlotte want a big wedding, but they know if his parents become involved, it will soon be a huge event and turn into a media circus. However, Sara knows there is going to be trouble when her parents find out, especially since Charlotte’s mom and Dylan, Sara’s half-brother, and his wife had been invited.


Christopher Hall, CEO of Hall Technology, is now a self-made billionaire. In college, he had been a skinny geek, but he has changed a great deal since then with the help of Jake and the gym. Knowing Jake, Chris is not surprised by the sudden wedding plans…a wedding near the beach seems to fit the couple. He has expected it ever since he heard about the engagement. From the first moment that Christopher met Sara, she took his breath away. That meeting had occurred when he was a freshman at Cal Tech. He had been eighteen and she was sixteen at the time. Although she had been a beautiful teenager then, she was now a gorgeous woman, but since she was the sister of his best friend, she was off limits to him. Still that did not stop him from admiring her from afar.


Left alone after Jake’s wedding, combined with one drink too many, Sara and Christopher end up in bed together, resulting in an awkward morning after before they go their separate ways. But when Christopher’s friend, Senator Healey, asks him to participate in an ad campaign for the senator’s new education initiative, Christopher and Sara are thrown together once more. As they work together, the sparks fly and neither one cannot deny their feelings for each other. Still they both fear ruining their relationship with Jake if they become involved. Are they willing to take this risk to be together?


THE BILLIONAIRE PRINCESS, the third book in gifted author Christina Tetreault’s SHERBROOKES OF NEWPORT series, is sure to warm your heart. At the beginning of this series, Sara came across as a haughty, arrogant princess, but as the series progresses, her personality becomes somewhat softened. However, it was not until this story that readers are able to see beyond the personality Sara projects to the public and see how past betrayal and hurt are to blame for her actions, allowing readers to empathize with her. With passion, humor, tender romance and love, Ms. Tetreault brings her story to life, drawing readers into her story. To really get to know the Sherbrooke family, readers should start with the first two books in this series, THE TEACHER’S BILLIONAIRE and THE BILLIONAIRE PLAYBOY, before reading this one. After thoroughly enjoying this story, I cannot wait to read the fourth installment of this wonderful series. Take my advice; pick up a copy of your own and check it out for yourself. I recommend it!


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