The Billionaire's Pregnant Mistress
By Alane
Dec 1, 2004 - 9:47:00 PM

Xandra Fortune is a beautiful, fashionable model who lives and works in Europe.  She's been having an affair with Dimitri Petronides, a rich, sexy, passionate Greek businessman.  When he decides to break off their relationship so he can marry Phoebe Leonides - a proper Greek girl - he assumes Xandra will take it all in stride.  Hasn't she shown that she values her modeling career over their relationship?  Dimitri doesn't expect her to object and he certainly doesn't believe her when she claims to be pregnant with his child. 

Dimitri has no idea that Xandra Fortune is merely a persona created by Alexandra Dupree so she would be free to work as a model without causing her mother undue embarrassment.  Appearances mean everything to Cecelia, who has always believed that working for a living is beneath the dignity of a Dupree woman.  Alexandra has always been more realistic and she realized early on that her family wouldn't survive without some sort of income.  To spare her mother's feelings, she has always kept it a very well hidden secret that Alexandra Dupree and Xandra Fortune are one and the same. 

When Dimitri evicts her from their apartment, Alexandra leaves Europe, Dimitri, and Xandra Fortune behind.  She also leaves a little something extra for Dimitri - a positive pregnancy test.  When Dimitri cools off and comes to his senses, Xandra Fortune has disappeared.  He is frantic to find his lover, the mother-to-be of his child.  Can he find her?  Will she forgive him if he does?  Alexandra Dupree has put Xandra Fortune behind her.  Can she dismiss the father of her child so easily?

Lucy Monroe has created another to-die-for alpha Greek hero!  Although Dimitri may have seemed cruel and callous when he rejected Xandra's claim that she was pregnant with his child, he demonstrated unexpected depths of emotion and compassion towards Xandra in his unwavering search for her.  Alexandra is strong and independent.  She is perfectly capable of standing up to Dimitri and she is fiercely protective of the child she will bear.  Throughout the story, sparks fly and ignite the passion between these two strong-willed people.  It's very easy to get caught up in all the emotion between Alexandra and Dimitri.  THE BILLIONAIRE'S PREGNANT MISTRESS is an excellent book!

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