The Birdcage
By Nadine St. Denis
Sep 1, 2005 - 8:13:00 AM


Felix Hamilton has no intention of falling in love with the winsome Angel, but once he gets to know her, she begins to represent everything that is lacking in his cold and bitter marriage. Angel is all about light, freedom, laughter and unconditional love. He feels he is truly home in the birdcage, which is what he calls the townhouse that Angel, her young daughter Lizzie, and her closest friend Pidge live. If it wasn't for Piers, he would never leave.


Piers loves being at Michaelgarth, his ancestral home on his mother's side. It holds all the memories of his life, both dear and sorrowful. When the past shows up in Michaelgarth by the presence of Lizzie, his family will never be the same again. Old wounds are opened, but after all these years can they be healed?

The experiences that this family live through will not only grab your attention but your heart as well. Looking through the eyes of the different characters, brings to the forefront the emotions of what imperfect people feel as they muddle through their life, and try to make it all worthwhile and meaningful.

THE BIRDCAGE by Marcia Willett is an amazing novel of grit, responsibilities, passion and loyalty. The lessons that these endearing characters live through, and learn along way will hold true for all who read it. I strongly encourage everyone to pick up a copy of this one-of-a-kind story.

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