The Bishop's Daughter
By Sherree
Nov 15, 2006 - 5:43:00 PM

Jimmy's dad had always thought of telling Jimmy he was adopted.  He even  promised his wife on her dying bed that he would, but how can you tell your son that not only was he adopted, but that he was stolen? 

Traveling to Ohio to adopt their son, Jim was not prepared to learn that the young girl had decided to keep her baby.  Driving around the country side trying to find a way to tell his wife that the adoption had fallen through, Jim stops at an Amish rootbeer stand.  When the young lady has to rush inside the house, leaving her one year old brother outside, Jim sees a way to give his wife a child.

Jimmy's mother had left a card with her parents before she died that was to be sent to him on his twenty-first birthday.  His mother had enclosed a letter telling him how much she loved him, even though he was adopted.  Trying to get his dad to tell him more only puts a wall between them.  Jimmy takes off with the only information he has, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Settling in with an Amish family, Jimmy finds work with an Amish paint crew.  Leona Weaver is the daughter of his boss and he finds her interesting.  Jimmy knows that he is an Englisher and that Leona can only be a friend.  Adjusting to the ways of the Amish comes easy for Jimmy.  That is until one of the Elders confronts him about his growing attraction towards Leona.  Jimmy realizes that it is time to go back home.  Can Jimmy walk away from having come so far in his search?  Will Jimmy and Leona be able to trust that God has them in His hand?  Will the feeling of belonging among the Amish be enough for Jimmy to continue his quest to find his family?

Wanda E. Brunstetter has written an outstanding book about the Amish community.  I am saddened to come to the end of the "Daughter of Lancaster County" series.  This author has a way of taking the reader to the innermost parts of the story.  She allows you to walk among her characters and to feel their emotions.  i am looking forward to her next writings.  I am greatly honored and pleased to give this awesome, accomplished author a 4.5 blue ribbon rating.

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