The Black Sheep and the English Rose

Author: Donna Kauffman

Publisher: Brava

Release Date: July 29, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Finn Dalton is a billionaire who heads Trinity Inc., a privately owned company that takes on cases that the government or authorities will not consider.  Along with his childhood friends and partners, Mac and Rafe, they use whatever means necessary to accomplish their goals.  Finn’s latest assignment is to retrieve a priceless necklace for a client.  However, there is a slight problem.  His former lover and master thief, Felicity Trent, is also after the same piece.  Though on opposite sides, they decide to work together to find the necklace but there are more parties interested in finding it first.  The danger and intrigue seems to only fuel the attraction that never seemed to go away even after all these years.  Will Finn and Felicity be able to find love once the danger is over or will their work keep them apart?

THE BLACK SHEEP AND THE ENGLISH ROSE is the last book in the Unholy Trinity series and it starts off with the most sensual scene I’ve read in a while.  I could instantly see the chemistry between Finn and Felicity that a simple touch sent chills up my spine.  The story had all the political intrigue, mystery and double-crossing of a spy novel with enough romance to satisfy any romantic.  Ms. Kauffman kept me guessing because each character was more than what they seemed.  Although I enjoyed the book, I wish I could have read more about what happened after the mystery behind the necklace was unraveled.  However, of all the BLACK SHEEP novels, I definitely think this one is the best.  Finn’s story is an excellent finale to the Unholy Trinity series and THE BLACK SHEEP AND THE ENGLISH ROSE will not disappoint!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Ann

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