The Black Sheep and the Princess
By Ann
Aug 5, 2007 - 8:25:27 PM

Donovan “Mac” MacLeod is all grown up.   He used to be the son of the drunken caretaker at Winnimocca and part of the “Unholy Trinity” along with two of the best friends.   However, after years of being a decorated detective, he has teamed up with his friends to become a security specialist.   Yet, there is still some unresolved business and it revolves around Kate Sutherland, the rich girl.   Even though they were miles apart in money and class, he never forgot her.   Now he has the perfect opportunity to reconnect with Kate after reading about vandalism occurring on her property.   Will Mac and Kate have a second chance or will the past be too much for them to overcome?

THE BLACK SHEEP AND THE PRINCESS is the first book in the Unholy Trinity series.   Mac has overcome a difficult childhood to become successful with only his best friends as support.   He thought he had left the past behind him yet in one short newspaper article, he is hurtled back to his childhood and the unattainable girl.   But this time it’s different.   They are on equal footing and soon realize that the sexual heat and tension has not dimmed but only intensified.   


What I like about Mac the most is that he is mature and responsible but it doesn't diminish his raw sexual appeal.   Despite his younger days as a wild rebel, he wants more than a quick roll in the hay.   He’s confused because he isn’t sure what he wants from Kate but he knows that whatever choices he makes, they will change his life forever.  


All Kate wants to do is create a refuge for ill children.   It’s her way of redefining the Sutherland legacy where her mother was known for marrying for money instead of love.   Kate is very different than her mother.   She wants to be able to bring happiness to others but realizes that her name and her background would make people suspicious of her intentions.   When she is with Mac, she has to fight the constant battle between his good intentions and her need to get him into bed.   Their verbal sparring is like foreplay but it also shows how Kate is more than capable of dealing with this hot piece of testosterone.   However, I liked how her life isn’t all fun and games but more of hard work.   The secondary characters are very interesting.  Some of them seem perfectly fine on the surface but in the end play a more diabolical role in the book which I wasn’t too fond of. They gave me the heebie jeebies when all is said and done. However, Rafe and Finn more than made up for it.   They provided glimpses into the past as well as snapshots into the future.   I'm hoping that these two members of the Unholy Trinity will be just as hot and virile as Mac.

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