The Blackout
By Dina Smith
Nov 20, 2003 - 7:01:00 PM

Cody Winston is a rodeo champion and every woman’s fantasy man. Cody had been married to Samantha only six months when their marriage fell apart. Samantha thought she would surprise Cody while he was in Houston. When Samantha walked into Cody’s hotel room she is the one surprised Cody has a naked woman with him.

Now they are in a Manhattan elevator on there way up to sign the divorce papers. When there is a blackout in Manhattan and the elevator gets stuck things really heat up inside the elevator. When the power comes back on can Samantha really give up on the only man that can set her body on fire with just one touch?


THE BLACKOUT is a short but very hot read. Samantha and Cody get the chance to have the fantasy most of us only get to dream about. Trixie Stilleto has done a great job in writing an incredibly steamy story with an incredibly HOT cowboy.


NOTE: this title is included in the print anthology TRIXIE'S TREATS

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