The Blonde Geisha
By Rhea Palmer
Aug 7, 2006 - 8:46:00 PM

Kathlene Mallory has a secret fantasy. For as long as she can remember, she wanted to enter the erotic and mysterious world of the geisha. She gets her chance when her father secrets her away one night – on the run from an unknown enemy – and deposits her at the Teahouse of the Look-Back Tree. At fifteen, Kathlene becomes a maiko, training for the day when she would finally enter the rites of becoming a geisha. She learns the proper way to sit, to dress, to serve tea, and to pleasure a man as well as herself.

Her Japanese world is threatened by the arrival of Reed Cantrell, an American who brings news of her father. Torn between loyalty to her okâsan and her desire for the American gaijin, she will also have to deal with another threat: Baron Tonda-sama has been searching three years for the blond girl who is the daughter of Edward Mallory. When he finds her, he will kill her. Kathlene must submit to him in order to save the teahouse, but can she do it and escape with her life? What will happen then? Will she continue with her training for a geisha life or give Reed Cantrell her heart and leave the only life she has ever known?


Jina Bacarr gives us a very illustrative look into the mysterious customs and life of the Japanese geisha. Her knowledge of Japan tradition comes out in this novel and makes for an excellent read.

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