The Bodyguard - The Pleasure Club
By Suzie Housley
Sep 24, 2013 - 5:16:11 AM

Chelsea Nelson wanted to live out her fantasy dream; it revolves around being a world famous singer, who was being stalked.  To help protect her, she would require the services of a bodyguard.  To turn her fantasy into a reality, she enlists the aid of The Pleasure Club.  The Pleasure Club is an elite member’s only group that specializes in offering their clients their ultimate fulfillment of their wishes.

Dean Peterson is the “bodyguard” who is assigned to protect Chelsea.  Chelsea is rebellious in having her life in someone else’s hands.  When she tries to escape Dean, she endangers both of their lives.  As punishment, Dean’s BDSM side comes to light and he teaches Chelsea the consequences of disobeying a master. 

Will the master be able to convince his submissive that he is the one who is complete control of her body?

THE BODYGUARD is an excellent addition to THE PLEASURE CLUB series.  This reviewer has an addiction for THE PLEASURE CLUB series, with this new offering I am pleased to say that this newest title is worthy enough to stand with the other wonderful titles in this series. 


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