The Bodyguard and the Show Dog
By Brenda Edde
Mar 28, 2006 - 2:56:00 PM

Natasha is excited about starting her own business despite the complaints from Striker and her family that it is too dangerous for her. Her first case guarding Chumley, a champion show dog should be a piece of cake. However, whether it's Natasha’s style or just the fact that the case is jinxed, she runs into trouble at every turn. Jonce Striker, her ex-boss, now lover, is having to pull her out of trouble almost daily and is not happy about it. Will this case cause a serious rift in their building relationship, or will Natasha and Jonce manage to balance their individual needs for independence?  As Natasha follows the clues to who has threatened, she runs into an animal abuser, lands in the hospital and is thrown into jail. No wonder Jonce is a bit worried for her safety. Who would have thought guarding a dog would be such a challenge?

THE BODYGUARD AND THE SHOW DOG is a laugh a minute story in the best Janet Evanovich style. The situations that Natasha finds herself in are hilarious, her attempts to balance her career and her relationship,  are the makings of an Emmy winning sitcom. Ms. Tillery French’s Bodyguard series is one that will have you laughing and cheering Natasha’s bid for independence, even as you feel complete sympathy for Jonce’s quest to keep her safe from herself. A wonderful book for an afternoon read.

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