The Book of Secrets
By Audrey
Sep 17, 2013 - 12:31:30 PM

For Chloe, the Sinclair’s life is one of mystery, magic, affection, and love. Home schooled and warmly read to by their mother on a daily basis, the three Sinclair children seem to live a life of perfection. But, Chloe soon realizes that that perfection includes a father and religious zealotry that are far from welcoming. Very quickly, Chloe must keep her friendship with the Sinclair’s a secret from the family’s overbearing father.

Decades in the future, however, she wonders just what she got herself into by joining forces with the family. Now married to the Sinclair son, Nate, one afternoon Chloe is forced to consider what it meant to become one of the Sinclairs when Nate suddenly disappears. With no clues and no contact from Nate, Chloe is left alone in her and Nate’s bookshop to unravel the family’s mysteries. What she finds is a book that contains letters written in a secret code to her deceased son.

Chloe embarks on a mystery of time, history, and - most importantly – books. Can she uncover the truth about what happened to her son? Can she forgive her husband for his abandonment or his family for the tragedy the brought upon her life? Can she move forward from the tumult that the Sinclair history forced her to endure?

THE BOOK OF SECRETS tells the tale of how history affects current events and how that impact can change the lives of people who never knew they were part of something larger. Part mystery, part fiction, Arnold’s novel touches upon so many parts of what it means to be in a marriage and part of a family: love, unwillingness to abandon, making hard decisions, and anger. Through Chloe and Nate, readers learn about what it takes to overcome tragedy, particularly when facing tragedy once again.

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