The Boy Next Door
By Shayla
Apr 1, 2006 - 9:25:00 AM

Cathy Markham has grown up since Blake Carlisle left town years ago. She had feelings for him then, and she still does. She now owns a very successful nightclub where she lets her alter persona take charge. Cat is very sexual, and not shy about what she does, but once Cat leaves the club it's back to being the shy timid Cathy that everyone knows. Even with the sexual things Cat does there's only one man who can turn her on, none of the others even stand a chance. What happens when Blake, the man who occupies all of Cathy's fantasies, returns? Can Cathy relax, let go of the past and hang on to the present?

Blake returns home after leaving the Navy SEALS. He needs a place to recuperate, and he wants to catch up with his old friend Steve and Steve's little sister Cathy. He always thought Cathy was off limits because she was his best friend's baby sister. When he sees her, he realizes that the sight of her still makes him act and feel like a teenage boy. Can he show Cathy that he's there to stay, and won't leave her like he did all those years ago?


Cathy and Blake are total opposites. Cathy wants to be independent and not have to rely on anybody. Blake wants to take care of Cathy and show her all the things he is able to do for her. Can Cathy let go of some of her independence and let Blake care for her, or is this relationship doomed?

THE BOY NEXT DOOR is a fantasy most women dream about. Who wouldn't want a cute neighbor that goes away only to come back a hunk? Nicole Austin's story is a high-quality read with all the right twists and turns.

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