The Boy Next Door
By Jessica
Apr 4, 2006 - 6:21:00 PM

Melissa Fuller is a zany gossip columnist for The New York Journal. She is from a regular family from a small town where everyone knows each other. She's in trouble with her employers because of tardiness, which only got worst when her elderly next-door neighbor is attacked. What's a girl to do when she has a dog to walk; her neighbor is in a coma in the hospital, and a dog needs to go when a dog needs to go. 


John Trent is masquerading as his friend Max Friedlander as a favor to Max.  John is a true blue blood, being from old money. He's making his own way as a crime reporter for The New York Chronicle, bitter rival of The Journal. He agrees to repay an old debt to Max by pretending to be Melissa's neighbor's beloved nephew. What harm can come from it? Lots, since John has a weakness for red heads, especially crazy ones like Melissa.




THE BOY NEXT DOOR is a quirky fun read. Ms Cabot sense of humor is priceless and shines throughout. Her technique is different; an entire book told through email, yet it is easy to follow. I liked being able to read other peoples' email without fear of discovery and you will too...admit it.


This is not just a nice love story; it has suspense and mystery woven into the mix. Many false leads and near misses have you quickly turning the pages. I devoured this book in a couple of days and surely missed my new found friends as I read the last word.


Meg Cabot has been added to my list of favorite authors. Her easy style and ease with words help transport me from my everyday life into a world of make-believe that washed my troubles away.

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