The Boy Next Door
By Angel
Jul 10, 2006 - 9:04:00 PM

Reed has finally come home to face the demons of his past; that means admitting some very harsh facts to the woman he loved and left behind about his past.  He can no longer live without her and must convince her that he has come back to make a new start.  Can she accept that he had a good reason for leaving her all those years ago, or will she want to leave their relationship in the past?

Josie can’t believe that after all this time Reed has come home.  She has no idea why he disappeared all those years ago, or why he never wrote or tried to contact her.  However, he wants the chance to explain it all to her and she’s willing to let him.  Is it to late to recapture the love they once had or is it still there smoldering and waiting to be unleashed?


THE BOY NEXT DOOR is an emotional story that deals with the sensitive subject of abuse - both physical and psychological.  Reed has been traumatized by what happened years ago and must find a way to explain to Josie just how he felt and why he had to leave.  Josie is understanding and very supportive with Reed and the question is can they find away to make their relationship work.  The one endearing thing during the entire story is the tree house that was Reed’s haven as a child and is still present when he comes back.  The love scenes have a certain romantic yet poignant aspect to them.  Adrianna Dane has penned a great book that readers are sure to enjoy.

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