The Boy Next Door

Author: Jessica Jarman

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: January 30, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5 blue ribbons

Format: EBOOK

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It always amazes Darcy Phillips to see her artistic creations on display and actually selling in her fiance’s gallery. While her artistic life is doing beautifully, it’s her relationship with Richard that leaves much to be desired. When she catches him cheating on her with two women (at the same time) she summons the courage to leave him and Chicago to return home to Minnesota. The last thing she needs or expects is this sudden red-hot attraction she feels for her best friend Mac.

Thomas "Mac" McCallister’s family lives right next door to the Phillips family. The families have always been very close and celebrations, holidays, and vacations are spent together. At one time, both mothers had hoped that Mac and Darcy would get together. Neither Darcy nor Mac had wanted to ruin their friendship by dating. What Darcy didn’t know was that Mac has been interested in her all along. Now that her engagement with Richard is over, Mac fully intends to take their friendship to the next level and prove to Darcy that friends really do make the best lovers - and more.

Richard had hurled some hurtful accusations at Darcy the morning when she discovered his infidelity that left her questioning her own desirability. The first time she sees Mac after returning to Minnesota she’s besieged with sexual fantasies involving him in a starring role. After staying in and watching movies on television which involves a little wine and conversation the situation becomes very intimate. Darcy decides a physical relationship with Mac isn’t such a bad idea after all. Of course they’ll have to keep it secret. There’s no need to get their parents hopes up, is there? Mac wants more than just great sex with Darcy. He wants the whole package including a wedding ring. It’s going to take some convincing but Mac is man enough to do whatever it takes to win the girl of his dreams.

Jessica Jarman’s THE BOY NEXT DOOR captures everything I’ve always loved in ‘friends to lovers’ romances. Darcy and Mac have the perfect friendship that could have easily become boyfriend/girlfriend at any time . . . and might have if they hadn’t felt pressured. Their parents’ attempts at setting them up only made them more determined not to succumb to their interest in one another. I loved the heated scenes between Darcy and Mac but especially loved the explosive atmosphere when Richard arrives at Darcy’s parents anniversary party to try to talk her into giving him another chance. THE BOY NEXT DOOR is full of enough passion, friendship, and self discovery to satisfy even the most discriminating reader.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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