The Brabanti Baby
By Kim Atchue-Cusella
Jul 6, 2005 - 10:23:00 AM

Gabriel Brabanti knows something is up when Eve Caldwell, his ex-wife's cousin, shows up with his infant daughter. Marcia has given Eve the dirty work of bringing the baby to meet her Italian father in Malta.

Eve is careful of Gabriel's charming ways. Marcia warned her he could reel her in with his captivating smile and gentlemanly ways. The baby takes up most of her time in the beginning and the snide comments about Marcia are a great way to keep her distance.


Gabriel is weary of another American woman coming to chisel at his heart. Marcia left him with a gaping hole in his soul that he was not willing to reopen for anyone.


Eating breakfast together in the mornings shows Eve what a dedicated father Gabriel could be. The enchanting personality of Gabriel was not as exaggerated as the claim of him being a control freak. When a situation arises that Eve needs to demonstrate her loyalties, it may rip her from either the man she loves or her family.


Catherine Spencer writes with great emotion with THE BRABANTI BABY. The characters' personalities are so vividly painted on the pages that they are alive in your mind. Gabriel's charisma pulls at Eve and her gentle persona makes a perfect match for the couple. The question of where does loyalty fall in with love? I urge you to sit down with this book when you have a good space of time, you will not want to put it down.   

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