The Breakable Vow
By Ansley
Dec 1, 2004 - 9:07:00 PM

Annie is eighteen years old, and ready for college. She is smart, funny, and eager to face the world as an adult. Unfortunately, the world that she is about to face is one that will force her to grow up before her time. She thinks that she and her boyfriend Kevin have a healthy teen romance, but she is about to learn that it is far from healthy.

Kevin has always had a fierce possessive side, but Annie always wrote that off as being normal. That is, until he showed up at a camping trip that she was on with her sister and a girlfriend. His unexpected visit led to her first encounter with sex, and a pregnancy. She is determined to keep her baby and to raise it right.

Kevin immediately confronts her about the baby being his, and in the midst of his tantrum nearly strangles her to death. Annie, fearing for her life, decides that her relationship with him is over. But it is far from over.

Her nightmares are just beginning. Her life is in a downward spiral that only worsens as her relationship with Kevin progresses. Annie quickly learns that nothing she can say or do will stop Kevin’s horrible behavior and that if she doesn’t end their tumultuous relationship, she will end up dead. Worse yet, he could harm her precious child even worse than he is hurting her. If Annie wants to raise her child right, and protect herself, she will end her relationship with Kevin. She has no other choice. She must break the one vow that she thought would last forever.

THE BREAKABLE VOW is a heartbreaking but triumphant story. Ms. Clarke pens a story that is heartrending, tender, and at times joyous. You will be torn between wanting to scream, cry, and rejoice with Annie. This is a warning novel that helps any woman know what to look for if there is even a question of abuse. There is even a section in the back of the book that answers questions, and helps the reader get a better understanding of what an abusive relationship entails. This book will grab a hold of you and won’t let go. You won’t soon forget THE BREAKABLE VOW.

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