The Bride Assignment

Author: Leigh Michaels

Publisher: Harlequin Romance # 3772

Release Date: November 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: Print

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Macey Phillips, office manager at a temp agency, places people in companies - matching talents and skills with the employers’ needs.  When her boss asks her to find playboy, Derek McConnell, a wife, she can’t believe he is serious.  Since she isn’t given a choice, Macey takes on this new client, knowing full well she won’t be in the running as the next Mrs. McConnell.

Macey can’t imagine how she’ll filter through all the available high-society women who are on Derek’s list, while trying to be secretive about her job.  After the first plan falls apart, Derek and Macey come up with another plan, which gets them into all kinds of situations they hadn’t planned for, including Derek’s mother finding Macey hiding under Derek’s bed!


Derek is assured that Macey is the one who will find him his wife in time, to satisfy his board of directors that he will soon be married.  She’s not interested in being one of the candidates, or so her boss said and she’s a woman with the proper background to complete the task.  It doesn’t take him long to realize Macey’s choices leave a lot to be desired and time is running out.  Before he knows it, Derek has backed himself into a corner and can’t get out, which puts the pair into a precarious position.


LEIGH MICHAELS has such a talent for throwing two people into a situation and making it so fresh.  MS. MICHAELS’ subtle humor carries throughout THE BRIDE ASSIGNMENT and kept me guessing what kind of trouble this pair would get into next.  She’s created a sassy heroine that matches the hero perfectly, putting his talents with women to the test.  THE BRIDE ASSIGNMENT is one of those tender romances you’ll stay up late to finish and be glad you did.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dorine Linnen

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