The Bride Wore Chocolate
By Dottie
Jul 16, 2012 - 9:08:11 PM

Two years ago, Candace Woodrow and her two friends, Maria Pagliano and Rebecca, started a business called Gift Baskets to Die For. They started the business in her home, but the business has taken off and now they are working out of a storefront and making enough to pay the rent and give each of them a decent salary. With her wedding only three weeks away, everything should be perfect for her, but lately anything pertaining to the wedding seems to be doomed. Her DJ had a heart attack and the priest ran off with the church secretary, who turned out to be a male, instead of the female everyone thought he was. To top matters off, the dress shop burned down with her dress inside. Ever since she agreed to marry Barry, everything has been going wrong. Her madcap grandmother contends that all of these problems are a sign. If she believed in such things, she would have called the wedding off long ago. A very detail oriented person, she researches and analyzes every move she makes and has a very pragmatic attitude toward marriage that does not include love and romance. With her parents off on their own, living their own lives, the only family nearby is her Grandma Woodrow, a spry seventy-six-year-old retiree who lives on the other side of the duplex from Candace.

With only three weeks until the wedding and needing a dress, Maria and Rebecca suggest that they make it a girl’s night. After their failure to find the right dress that evening, they went out for dinner and drinks. That was the last thing Candace remembered until she woke up the next morning in a strange apartment in only her bra and panties. Through the doorway leading to the bathroom, she saw a gorgeous stranger in the process of shaving.

Michael Vogler, owner of Vogler Advertising, has not been able to get Candace off his mind since she stormed out of his apartment the day before. But he did not get her phone number and is not even sure of her name. Recently, one of their clients sent them a basket from a company called Gifts to Die For and everyone had loved the concept. In fact, one of his clients, a baby food manufacturer, is interested in sending out fifteen thousand of the baskets to expectant mothers in the area, advertising their product and a few other clients also wanted to add to these baskets. So the previous Friday, he had set up an appointment to meet with the owners of the business this afternoon.

Michael is surprised, but pleased, when he sees that Candace is one of the owners. As he sees her more often in the following days, he knows he is falling for her. But he has always steered away from commitment. After all, he has never seen a happy marriage and doesn’t believe that they actually exist. But one taste of this woman he has dubbed ‘Candy’ just may change his mind, if he can only convince her to give them a chance.

Deliciously funny and sexy, THE BRIDE WHO WORE CHOCOLATE, the first novel in award winning author Shirley Jump’s SWEET AND SAVORY series, is a hilarious and passionate contemporary romance that I found impossible to put down. The imagery created by Ms. Jump’s descriptive phrases will leave you with a smile, if not outright laughter. I totally loved this story and cannot wait to read the rest of the stories in this delightful series. This is one of the most entertaining stories I have read in some time and I rated it at five blue ribbons only because there was no higher rating. In addition to the scrumptious story, there are many delicious chocolate recipes, to which Ms. Jump adds an additional ingredient; humor. I have never had such fun reading a recipe and look forward to trying them out. With engaging characters, passion, clever repartee, gift baskets, a creative plot, lots of chocolate, romance and love, this is a story you will want to read more than once. If you love romantic comedy with a bit of spice, this is the book for you! But beware; this story will leave you with a longing for chocolate! THE BRIDE WORE CHOCOLATE is a definite keeper and a recommended read. Do not miss it!

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