The Bride’s Baby
By Chrissy Dionne
May 5, 2008 - 6:19:09 AM

After his fiancé ran off with the events assistant, billionaire Tom McFarlane is saddled with the expenses incurred planning for the wedding.  Rather than simply pay the bill and get it out of the way, he insists on going over every charge on the bill with the events manager - and even insists on receiving as many of the things he’s paid for as possible.

Events manager Sylvie Smith can’t understand why Tom feels the need to go over every single expense his fiancé authorized. She hasn’t had the best of luck with love either but certainly never would have dragged out every pain-filled moment of being dumped.


Sylvie does as Tom requests and gathers the ‘expensive but completely useless junk’ and brings it all to his place.  While they’re both attracted to each other, neither of them anticipated the sheer passion that broils over and leads to an encounter they won’t soon forget.  That night results in a pregnancy and while Tom and Sylvie aren’t a couple - and she hasn’t even seen him since that night, Sylvie writes Tom a note to inform him of the pregnancy and let him know that she didn’t expect anything from him. 


Tom’s been out of the country so he’s unaware of everything that’s occurred in the past several months.  He certainly didn’t expect to return to news that Sylvie’s pregnant and according to the tabloids expected to marry her ex Jeremy Hillyer.  The huge shocker though is learning that she’s planning a wedding at her ancestral home, which technically belongs to him.  Is he too late to win the woman he’s been unable to erase from the forefront of his mind?


THE BRIDE’S BABY is Liz Fielding’s fiftieth book and it’s a fun witty book full of misunderstandings and heart wrenching situations.  Tom and Sylvie complement each other beautifully.  She’s willing to accept whatever life throws at her.  Tom’s extremely business oriented and he’s more inconvenienced then hurt by his fiance’s change of heart.  I was so caught up in their myriad of misunderstandings and emotional turmoil that I wasn’t able to put this book down and stayed up way too late reading - and don’t regret a single moment of the lost shut eye.


THE BRIDE’S BABY is the first book in the A BRIDE FOR ALL SEASONS series. The other books are as follows:

SAYING YES TO THE MILLIONAIRE by Fiona Harper (June 2008)

THE MILLIONAIRE’S PROPOSAL by Trish Wylie (September 2008)

MARRY-ME CHRISTMAS by Shirley Jump (December 2008)

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