The Bridge
By Dottie
Dec 26, 2012 - 11:49:26 AM

Five years ago, Molly Allen managed to temporarily escape her father’s plans for her future to study music in Tennessee. But this was only a temporary two year reprieve. She never expected to find the love of her life while she was there. But to get the chance to have the freedom to study the one thing she loved, she had promised her father she would not date while she was away. However, on her first day at the school she caught the eye of another music student. Although it took several days before they made each other’s acquaintance, they were soon studying together. Since her father had hired servants to keep an eye on her, she could not study at home, so she and Ryan met at The Bridge, a historic bookstore in Franklin, Tennessee. It soon became their home away from home and the older couple who owned it was like family to them. Now her parents are dead, she has turned her father’s company over to the man her father had wanted her to marry and opened a pet shelter, while still longing for the man she left behind. She has never found a love like it since then and each year she allows herself one day to soak in the memories of the best time of her life.

Ryan Kelly had never loved anyone the way that he loved Molly and he could not believe it when she left him to return home. Following her words of advice, he had travelled with an up-and-coming country music band. But now the band was defunct, music was changing and he had no idea what he was going to do next. He knew that Molly’s father had had a man picked out for her to marry and he thought that by now she was married to him. His one consolation is his visits to The Bridge, where he can relive his days with Molly.

For the past thirty years, Charlie and Donna Barton had run The Bridge and had affected the lives of many people. In fact, Charlie kept a scrapbook of the many people who had come through the store…people he considered his family. But with a recent unforeseen flood, the damage had been too much to overcome. In dire financial straits, Charlie struggles to find a way to save his store. With the bank about to pull the lease on the bookstore and even the possibility of losing his own home, Charlie considers the unimaginable. But then tragedy strikes and out of the vestiges of his broken dreams, will he finally get his second chance?

A poignant tale, THE BRIDGE, the latest book by New York Times bestselling Christian fiction author Karen Kingsbury, is an engrossing, heartwarming contemporary romance that is sure to steal your heart. Ryan and Molly are two wonderful people indicative of all the people that The Bridge, a place of hope and encouragement, has helped over the years. Using Charlie’s scrapbook and the help of the ‘family’ within it, Ryan and Molly try to give Charlie the second chance he longs for. I loved the story of Ryan and Molly and their love, which did not stand a chance at the time. Filled with humor, tragedy, well-drawn characters, an inspiring plot, romance, love, forgiveness, second chances and God’s amazing grace, this story is sure to touch all of your emotions. This is a great story for Christmas and all year long. I highly recommend it!

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