The Broken H
By Natasha Smith
Oct 10, 2006 - 3:37:00 PM

Shane Cortez has lived on the Broken H ranch since he was a 16 year old kid.  He has loved Grayson Hunter just as long but has refused to pursue his feelings because of their age difference.  It takes the sudden illness of the man who raised him for Shane to finally come to grips with who and what he wants.  And he wants Grayson, forever.

Sheriff Grayson Hunter has loved Shane since his father first gave Shane a home.  Grayson has stayed away from his home and Shane since the day years ago when he tried to come clean about his feelings for Shane and was rebuffed. When Gray's father falls ill and Shane needs help at the Broken H, he decides to go after his heart's desire. That desire is Shane Cortez, forever.

Shane and Grayson embark on a journey neither one of them expected.  Shane is cautious about showing his true feelings because of Grayson’s elected position of sheriff.  Plus, there are things in his past that he has not revealed to anyone; least of all Grayson. 

THE BROKEN H by J. L. Langley was a remarkable read.   I found myself immersed in a wonderful love story.  Shane Cortez held my heart from the beginning because of his love and respect for Grayson.  Speaking of Grayson, I found myself proud of the fact that he refused to allow Shane to give up on their relationship as well as their love. 

Readers should note that this is a homoerotic love story and may not be for everyone.  That said, I can happily say that the plot flowed and the story kept my attention.  Romantic, well written, and often time naughty, I adored THE BROKE H and find myself looking forward to futures releases by this author!

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