The Burlington Manor Affair
By Dottie
Jun 12, 2014 - 10:52:38 AM

After her mother married Rex’s father, Carmen Shelby could not help her desire for her stepbrother. But he had an eye for all the other women, including her best friend. After secretly seeing them in bed together, Carmen decided to get over her feelings for him. For nine years, this was not difficult since Rex had left after an argument with his father and was disinherited. But now his father is dead and the will states that the estate where they grew up belongs to both of them equally. Carmen wants the estate and is willing to buy out Rex’s fifty percent, if she can come to terms with him.

Rex has long desired Carmen and it was his feelings for her that led to his falling out with his father. He has tried being with other women in the hopes of forgetting her, but so far that has not worked. Surprised that his father left him half of his estate and knowing how much Carmen wants it, Rex figures a way that they can both get what they want. He will give her his half if she will spend a month of weekends with him at the estate…in his bed.

At first, Carmen wants nothing to do with Rex’s deal, at least that is what she tells herself. However, her body is telling her something different. Finally agreeing to Rex’s terms, she finds herself falling for him and worries if she will close the deal with her heart intact. When the month is up, will they be able to part ways, especially after the closeness they have experienced during their time together, or are they bound for heartache?

A scorching hot tale, THE BURLINGTON MANOR AFFAIR, penned by author Saskia Walker, is a captivating, contemporary erotic romance set in the English countryside. The chemistry between Carmen and Rex is explosive and as they indulge in their need for each other, they begin to fall in love. Both characters are strong and independent, each wanting to be the one in control, both in and out of bed, although Carmen definitely shows a submissive side. There were sparks between them when they were younger, but now that nine years have passed and they are getting the chance to explore a relationship with each other as adults, things quickly become steamy.

Family dynamics, secrets, betrayal, mystery, suspense, sizzling eroticism, interesting characters, romance and love intertwine to give readers a heated read. This story is saved from just being a story about sex by the realistic characters, solid storyline and tender romance. This is the first Saskia Walker book that I have read and I look forward to reading more of her works. If you enjoy explicitly sensual novels with plenty of charm and attitude, this is the one for you.

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