The Business Arrangement
By Bea Sigman
Jun 1, 2005 - 5:56:00 AM

She is the perfect person to fill in as his personal assistant and help protect him from the unwanted advances from his boss's wife.  Amelia Mitchell is his best friend's sister, between jobs and can be trusted to keep her mouth shut about the blatant advances Sonya has been displaying.  Hugh Balfour only needs Amy to fill in for two weeks while his personal assistant is away and will not only pay her handsomely, but supply her with a new wardrobe and image to act the part.

With the pleading from her brother, Seb, along with the promise of a new wardrobe and the generous salary Hugh would be giving her, how could Amy refuse?  Not to mention that the woman Hugh is trying to avoid is her godfather's wife.  The only thing Amy has to do is make sure she doesn't let the feelings she has always had for Hugh overcome her.  Amy is smart enough to know that he would never be interested in a girl like her, especially when he has a model for a girlfriend.


Everything should be perfect in Hugh's life.  He has Amy to help keep Sonya away, a beautiful girlfriend, and is successful in business.  But it's not that easy!  With a new look, his best friend's little sister has transformed into a woman he just can't ignore.  Not to mention that his beautiful girlfriend no longer holds his interest.  Amy has captivated his heart and soul, now he just has to figure out how to make her stay around forever.


Natasha Oakley pens a sensuous love affair that is sure to thrill readers.  It is amazing what a haircut and some new clothes can do to a woman.  Bringing out the sexier side of Amy, really throws Hugh for a loop.  It just goes to show that whether we show it or not, there is a sexy person hidden deep within us all.  THE BUSINESS ARRANGEMENT is a passionate trip that will have you reading this book over and over again.

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