The Collingwood Heirs - The Butler's Daughter
By Jennifer Wardrip
Sep 7, 2003 - 11:31:00 PM

The Goodhews have always had one purpose: to make the lives of the Collingwoods run smoothly, efficiently and easily. Ross and Lexi Collingwood are a blessed couple, both monetarily wealthy and rich in their love. Theirs is a storybook world, full of laughter and luxuries. Unlike those fairytales
of old, however, the Collingwoods are not immune to tragedy. When their daughter, Riana, is kidnapped from the hospital nursery when she's a day old, both Ross and Lexi are heartbroken and devastated. After two years, Riana has yet to be found, but Lexi has become pregnant again. How will this family deal with the birth of another child?


Simply put, they turn yet again to the Goodhews. The butler calls in his daughter, Juliana, to care for the Collingwoods son, Cort. The world is unaware of his existence, just as they have planned. What wasn't planned, by anyone, is an explosion that kills the Collingwoods and injures the butler on the eve of their reunion with their infant son.


Thus begins a story of intrigue, murder and surprises at every turn. Upon the death of her beloved employers, Juliana calls the one man she's been instructed to turn to in just such an event--a man known simply as The Guardian. The Guardian has vowed to protect Cort Collingwood at any cost, even though he was unable to protect his parents. In this case, protecting his charge means marrying Juliana Goodhew, who's been Cort's mother in all ways but her name.


Juliana, cast into a modern-day Cinderella story, is not sure what to do with her handsome, yet totally disarming, prince. Can she trust this man she's never met? Can they work together to discover who killed the Collingwoods, and keep Cort safe? Who should she trust? Where should she turn?


THE BUTLER'S DAUGHTER is a great romantic mystery, full of all of the plot elements that make a good book: suspense, tension, twists and turns, and that ever-present sexual chemistry. Ms. Sullivan is superb at providing the reader with a mystery that is ever-changing. There are numerous suspects, each with numerous motives, but I can guarantee that the ending will leave you surprised. All in all, this is a great book, one that I highly recommend to all lovers of romantic suspense. If you're like me, you'll be highly anticipating the second part of this story. The Collingwoods are one family you're not likely to forget.

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