The Cajun Sheriff
By Gail Northman
Jul 9, 2003 - 7:43:00 AM

Deidre is an author and the beautiful wife of Luc. With their whirlwind romance culminating in marriage.  Deidre, moves from
New England to Louisiana Bayou Country with its hot and sticky climate to the home of her husband. Finding it difficult to adjust, together with the pressures of her budding career she closes herself off to everything including her husband.

Waking one morning after a deadline for her latest book, had been met, Deidre finds herself alone in her bed.  Luc had always kissed her goodbye before leaving for work. Deidre becomes increasingly insecure in her role as wife and lover, wondering if her marriage is about to come to an end. 

THE CAJUN SHERIFF is a story of one woman's growing insecurities and her inability to fit into the local close-nit community.  Deirdre decides to prove to her husband that she loves him and that she is able to fit-in and become a welcome member of the local community.

All in all Brandi Michaels has created a story with well developed characters, their love for one and another will flow over you like warm summer rain.  THE CAJUN SHERIFF is a novel that is highly erotic with emotional intensity. Together with an interesting twist that will leave you remembering this book long after it has been read.

As a reader I love the kind of sexual chemistry and emotional intensity that I found in THE CAJUN SHERIFF, a true romance.  Brandi Michaels is fast becoming a favourite of mine having read BLIND OBEDIENCE and DECOY. With THE CAJUN SHERIFF, Brandi Michaels is sure to make a name for herself amongst writers and readers of Erotic Romance alike.  Brandi Michael's writes intense passionate love scenes and interesting characters that make her books very enjoyable to read.  THE CAJUN SHERIFF is a book worth reading and I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.  

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