The Captivating Chauffeur
By Phyllis Ingram
Oct 17, 2004 - 9:30:00 AM

Venus, Goddess of Love and her son, Cupid are transported from earth to heaven and are involved in trying to make a match of Andrew (Drew) Sullivan and Francesca (Frankie) Ling.  Her Aunt Vesta, Goddess of Virtue and the Hearth, who wears a chastity belt for goodness sake, thinks that Olivia Montgomery would be a better match for Andrew so she does everything she can think of to see that Andrew and Frankie's trip is full of stumbling blocks on the road to happiness.  Venus has angered her father Jupiter and he has demoted her and transformed her into the Goddess of Fruit Trees and Gardens.  Cupid is now the God of the Flocks and Shepherds, in other words, a goat.  Can you imagine?

Andrew Sullivan had a tough life but overcame it and retired, at the age of thirty-seven from his firm, Sullivan Brokerage.  At age seventeen his parents died and Drew could not finish high school because he had to raise his brothers and sisters.  After twenty years, the last sibling had graduated magna cum laude and Drew was free to do as he pleased. He wanted to drive across country but…only thing is, he did not know how to drive.  Drew decided to hire a limo for four weeks to explore the United States, and what follows will have you laughing out loud.

Frankie has to substitute as the limo driver because her uncle Marco cannot leave New York because of his parole.  Frankie is directionally challenged and definitely cannot drive at night.  This defect makes for very interesting travel. Even with lots of maps, she gets lost.

For a lighthearted fast-paced read, THE CAPTIVATING CHAUFFEUR is for you.  I enjoyed this so much that anything by the team of J.M. Jeffries will be on my list to purchase. This will keep you on your toes wondering what can happen next. I had quite a few delightful moments especially when Frankie uses her grandmother's quotes.

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