The Capture of Kelly Winchester
By Claudia McRay
Feb 1, 2005 - 3:13:00 PM

Alex J. Alex tells the story of a female Naval pilot who is shot down over enemy territory, captured and held prisoner. He chronicles her daily existence in a hot jungle setting. You will follow her and her fellow prisoners through the tortures their captors have devise. These captors gladly admit that they were never invited to sign of the Geneva Peace Accord.

Kelly Winchester is a young woman who is determined to not let the enemy get the best of her. That determination takes her through the horrors of the jungle prison camp setting through a long march and an eternity on a train ride to her final destination, the End of the Line. She and her fellow captors receive human kindness at this facility. They enjoy getting food regularly, they're living in an enclosed building but they're not allowed to see or talk to anyone other than the warden. She's given clothing, allowed to bath and watched closely. The resident doctor takes her through some very rough spots with his brand of Chinese water torture to make her submissive. She and her fellow officers are informed the Red Cross is coming to interview them. The Red Cross representative are not coming, there is to be a slave auction. The prison warden expects to make a bundle with her sale.


Prestor John sends his people to buy Kelly and bring her to him. For once, she's treated kindly. That setting reminded me of Shangri-La in the middle of a war-torn region. He informs her that she's free to go although he'd like her to stay. At times, she's tempted; however, she has a score to settle with her captors. John gives her clothing, gold and jewels to help pay her way. He adds letters of introduction to one of the most dangerous people in the world who should be able to assist her in her quest and the Pope.


Kelly's only way through enemy territory is to secure a place in one of the large caravans of nomads who travel through the region. She enters the camp of Khan dressed as a weary traveler, introducing herself as The Traveler. To tell more would ruin the ending of her story.  Suffice it to say Kelly Winchester means business. She takes prisoners and she does what she has to do to complete her quest.


THE CAPTURE OF KELLY WINCHESTER was a book that made me think of the women I've read about who were captured and placed in camps during the last world war. This one vividly describes the hellish treatment they receive. If you're squeamish, you might think twice, but I recommend this book to anyone over eighteen. Alex has written a gripping and sometimes funny story about a young lady who can kick some butt and stay relatively sane. Although this isn't a love story, it is one filled with love. The love of human kindness, the love strangers have for one another to survive their hell and the love of life. Most importantly, it is a vivid reminder of where many of our own young men and women have been during the many wars our country has and is fighting. It is a reminder for us to give them our support, welcome them home and offer whatever comfort we can give them. Congratulations to Alex J. Alex for such a well-written account. Kelly Winchester rocks.

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