The Care and Feeding of An Alpha Male

Author: Jessica Clare

Publisher: Berkley Heat

Release Date: October 2, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Beth Ann Williamson is stuck in the woods in the middle of the night trying to rescue her sister. When the rain creates some flooding problems, Beth Ann is rescued by Colt Waggoner. Colt and Beth Ann have had their problems in the past and Colt wants the chance to get a little revenge on Beth by keeping her out in the woods. She believes they truly are stuck, however, and when she turns out to be kind and nice, and not whiny about the wind, rain and muck, Colt feels guilty. Things get worse and better when Colt and Beth Ann spend the night together. He does not want their time to end and neither does Beth Ann. How can he explain that their relationship started out with a lie?

Beth Ann is very attracted to Colt. After finally ending her engagement with her on-and-off-again fiancé, Allan, she is not sure if she is ready for a serious relationship, but she does want to spend time with Colt. Things are going so well between them and she is falling for him, hard. Will she find out what Colt is keeping from her?

THE CARE AND FEEDING OF AN ALPHA MALE is sizzling! Jessica Clare gets everything right in this erotic and sexy romance. Colt is truly a good man, even if he does not start things out on the best footing with Beth Ann. He does have a bit of a chip on his shoulder to be sure but he does some very sweet things, like make Beth Ann a cake that shows the deeper character of this man. Beth Ann is also a strong character. She is struggling to run her own business, to make a name for herself and finally show her small town that she is done with Allan. She falls hard for Colt and is vulnerable and open with him, truly putting herself out there. Beth Ann is soft where Colt is often a bit more brusque and stoic but they work so well together, and that is a direct credit to Jessica Clare. THE CARE AND FEEDING OF AN ALPHA MALE is a story you are going to want to re-read again and again, it has that stand-the-test-of-time romance working for it. Basically, you need to read this book!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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