The Care and Feeding of Unmarried Men
By Sarah W
Apr 1, 2006 - 5:28:00 PM

Monster-truck driver Nash "The Preacher" Cargill has come to Palm Springs to protect his younger sister, Hollywood actress Jemima Cargill, from a stalker. He wants to be in and out of Palm Springs and back to Europe where he left behind some negotiations. Instead, he finds himself immersed in much more than his sister's life. It is Eve "Party Girl" Caruso who snags his attention. Nash is a sucker for the damsel in distress, and in Eve, he sees the ultimate vulnerability.

Eve has wooed many men with her blond beauty. It is a shock to her that Nash doesn't fall for her typical tricks, but rather, seems to see beneath her facade to the exposed and scared woman she hides from the rest of the world. Eve has some big time secrets and Nash's entrance into her life isn't a good thing. She's trying to stave off the SEC from throwing her in jail due to insider trading, and with her mob grandfather's imminent retirement, the California mob scene is becoming a bit tense. Nash is just another unwanted problem she doesn't want, but one she finds she can't help resisting.

THE CARE AND FEEDING OF UMARRIED MEN is the second book in Christie Ridgway's new trilogy. It lives up to its unique title too! Readers will find themselves in Eve and Nash's budding relationship, as they both find themselves fighting not only an unwanted attraction, but also some very personal inner demons. Christie Ridgway pens their characters with surprising sensitivity and panache. It's no wonder she is a rising star in the romance genre. Nash and Even come alive not only through their growing intimacy and closeness, but through the joys they share, and the protective family instincts they both harbor. These are two souls who definitely need each other, but who are loath to expose their own failures. Engaging, witty, sharp and edgy, and downright sentimental without being overdramatic, Christie Ridgway has penned a stellar follow-up to AN OFFER HE CAN'T REFUSE. Don't miss out on Even and Nash's journey together as they realize that love, though the ultimate reward can be a tough and uncompromising journey.

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