The Celebrity
By Sherri Myers
Feb 1, 2005 - 1:58:00 AM

Jamie D. Lane is an international pop star who is recognized everywhere he goes. His life has become one appearance after another until he doesn't even know where he is performing anymore. When his mother's nurse calls and informs him of her impending death, he heads home to be with her. Promising her he will take her to her hometown of Riverdale, Washington to be interred, Jamie doesn't have long to wait until he is on his way to Riverdale with his mother's ashes.

Upon his arrival in Riverdale, Jamie is amazed at his not being recognized by anyone. Only planning to stay for a day or two to look around his hometown, the anonymity and relaxation of being in this quiet town with no reporters or screaming fans has Jamie deciding to stay for a short vacation instead. With a name change and a complete makeover, Jamie D. Lane becomes Joe Bradley, average working man, who takes a job at the local donut shop and rents an apartment from the monks at the monastery outside of town.

Anne Stewart is a small town girl who had tried to escape to the big city, but returned home after she was injured in a car accident with a drunk driver. Having suffered some brain damage, she left the big city and is now back in Riverdale to try to pick up the pieces of her life and recuperate as much as possible. Anne has accepted a job at the local school as a teacher and helps out occasionally at her father's donut shop. She is soon intrigued by the somehow-different guy who has started working there, and tries to figure out just what he's about. Who is the elusive stranger and why he is in tiny out-of-the-way Riverdale? Can Anne and "Joe" fill the empty spaces in each other's lives?

Robert Elmer has written his second novel and I am certain there are many more to come from this bright new author. Endearing characters, real-to-life settings, and realistic storylines make Mr. Elmer's novels ones not to be missed. THE CELEBRITY shows us the inside view of a celebrity's life with the stress and pressures they experience, along with the struggles of a small town girl dealing with brain damage. They each must come to a point where they have to rely on God and each other for healing and inner peace instead of trying to 'fix' it themselves. I truly enjoyed this wonderful novel and anxiously await more of this author's writings.

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