The Chance of a Lifetime
By Chrissy Dionne
Dec 15, 2005 - 12:38:00 PM

Lacey Winslow is going through a nasty divorce and trying to rebuild her life without a man in it. She’s purchased her own home and runs a massage business out of part of it which is kept separate from the main part of the house. She just needs to convince Chance that she does not belong to him, at the same time maybe she should try convincing herself.

Chance Bodine is one determined man. He’s even informed Lacey that she belongs to him. He’s made sure the entire town is aware of his intent. Lacey is one stubborn woman though, and she has no intention of getting involved with a domineering man like Chance.

It’s going to take a strong man with a loving hand to convince Lacey to trust again. Lacey is not happy to discover that Chance has a massage appointment. In fact, it looks like he has laid claim to every appointment for the day. Infuriated and disconcerted by Chance’s high-handedness, Lacey gives him the massage he’s scheduled for and is about to leave the room when he informs her that if she opens the door she will get a spanking. It’s a warning she ignores. Later that night, Lacey couldn’t sleep and was in the process of drinking a glass of milk when she notices someone in her backyard. Thinking that the intruder is Chance, she rushes outside and yells at him. She calls the police after realizing that the man she yelled at was much too small to be Chance. Of course, one of the officers informs Chance of the attempted break in. He restrains himself from racing to Lacey’s house until morning, if he’d known the reaction he’d receive he would have arrived much sooner. Lacey accepts his kiss and practically begs for more. She desperately wants his love but not the heartache that comes with loving and losing. Chance assumes Lacey’s reacting to the fear from the bungled break-in and lets her take control in their love play, at least until the dominant male in him can’t take it anymore and he once again takes over.

THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME is an extremely entertaining story. Chance is a determined dominant male intent on claiming his woman. Lacey is equally determined to not allow any man to control or hurt her. Her husband’s infidelity during their marriage hurt her deeply but didn’t destroy her spirit. It’s great fun to imagine the scenes as the characters match wits and both refuse to give in despite their obvious desire for each other. This story is fast paced, very sexy, and full of characters that are truly a delight to observe. THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME is the follow up book to CALIFORNIA COWBOY. Admittedly, I haven’t read CALIFORNIA COWBOY yet, but I enjoyed THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME so much I did go buy a copy.

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