The Christmas Cookie Chronicles: Carrie

Author: Lori Wilde

Publisher: Avon Impulse

Release Date: November 15, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.0

Format: EBOOK

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The town of Twilight depends on its myth for tourism. The myth goes that if you throw a penny in the fountain at Sweetheart Park, you will be married to your first love forever. But Carrie and Mark had busted that myth eight years ago when their Las Vegas marriage was annulled.

When Carrie was just seventeen, she had eloped with her boyfriend, Mark. But within three days, the marriage was annulled. He had then gone off to college, promising to keep in touch. But in eight years she has not heard a word from him. Not even after putting pennies in the fountain had helped her. For her, the town myth is just that a myth. Unlike Carrie, for her older sister Flynn, the legend has come true as she has married her first lobe bad boy and is expecting their first child. Now Carrie owns the knitting shop. Not happy at all that the holidays are approaching, her Grinch-like attitude has her down and it is even made worse when her well-meaning friends descend on her to bring some holiday cheer into her life by decorating her shop. To top it off, she has just learned that Mark is returning to Twilight to host a reality show based on the town’s legend. This horrifies her because she knows from first-hand knowledge that the legend is a hoax. If this becomes public knowledge, it could destroy the town’s livelihood.

Mark Leland grew up in Twilight, but he has not been back since to left to go off to college eight years ago. With his parents gone, there was nothing left for him there…except Carrie. Now he regrets not contacting her. In LA, he had been able to forget how he had treated her, but being back in Twilight, he is filled with remorse. When he was younger, he had dreamed of being a novelist. But in college, his professors had convinced him that due to the changing face of journalism in the technological age, he should move away from print journalism. Instead, he is now the host of a reality show, Fact or Fiction. The show’s aim is to bust myths and legends, but he is sure that showcasing Twilight and its legend will only help the town by increasing tourism when it is proven true. He even promises Carrie that he will not let anyone know about their own annulled marriage. But then his boss Iris starts complaining about all of the happy couples, when all she wants to see is conflict so they can bust the myth and boost ratings. Will he break his promise to Carrie, or will they find their own happily ever after?

A fun read, THE CHRISTMAS COOKIE CHRONICLES; CARRIE is a touching and heartwarming contemporary novella. Mark is all polished now and seems different from the boy she knew, but inside he is the same man she married eight years ago. In the meantime, Carrie has remained in the small town all of this time, yearning for her first love who had promised to come back for her but never bothered. She has had to live around all of the couples who have had their dreams come through because of the legend. Brimming with hopeful dreams, Christmas wishes, fulfilled legends, mistletoe, engaging characters, reality shows, a touching plot and a second chance at true love, this is a story that will warm your heart. Do not miss it!

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