The Christmas Cookie Collection

Author: Lori Wilde

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: October 29, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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This book centers around four residents of Twilight, Texas and a town legend, which states that if on Christmas you sleep with kismet cookies under your pillow and dream of your one true love, he will be your destiny. The legend left Twilight dubbed as Sweetheart Town, which increased the romance related tourism in the town. Rumor is that if you throw a penny into the fountain at Sweetheart Park, you will be forever happily reunited with your childhood sweetheart. This part of the legend has come true for many residents of the town already.


Carrie MacGregor, owner of the Yarn Barn, loathes Christmas and everything associated with it. After the death of her mother and the desertion of her childhood sweetheart, Mark Leland, during the holidays, she has lost her Christmas spirit and has become the family Grinch. A cynic, Carrie also does not believe in the town legend. She even put pennies in the town fountain, so according to the legend, she should have been reunited with her first love, Mark. But she has heard nothing from him since he left for college eight years ago.

Now a reality TV show called Fact or Fantasy is in town to try to disprove the legend. If they succeed, this will hurt the town’s tourist trade. To make matters worse, the show’s host is none other than Mark Leland. Has he returned to destroy the town he grew up in? Will the legends turn out to be fantasy or is the legend finally coming true for Mark and Carrie?


Owners of the Horny Toad Tavern, Earl and Raylene have been in love since high school. But last Christmas, after she told him about a secret she has kept harbored for thirty-five years, he left her. When she was young, she had had a child, but had been forced to give her up. Now she has lost not only her child, but the man she has loved most of her life.

Earl had been angry when he left Raylene, but he had intended to return to her. But after visiting Raylene’s daughter, Shannon, and telling her about her mother, whom she had been led to believe was dead, Earl had been in an accident and was left disfigured. Not wanting to go back to the woman he loves as a cripple or a monster he now secretly watches the bar, dressed as Santa, hoping to get a glimpse of Raylene. Instead, he sees that Shannon is now working with her mother, while keeping her identity a secret.

When a local Santa reminds Raylene of Earl, she believes she is losing it. But with her family close by now, could this be the Christmas that all of Raylene’s dreams come true?


Christine Noble, owner of the Twilight Bakery, just wants to get past the holidays. Three days ago, Cocoa, her feline companion of the past fifteen years, passed away and she misses her terribly. Then today, she received the news that the accident which destroyed her chances of entering the Olympics and left her with a limp, has also caused her to be barren. All she wants is a child. What man would want a future with her when she can’t give him children? Even her parents have left for Europe to spend Christmas with her G.I. brother and his family. Christine had not been able to go because she has to bake a cake for a Christmas Eve wedding, and now she could not feel lonelier.

Cutting horse cowboy Eli Borden lost his wife three years ago right after she gave birth to twins, leaving him with four children to raise. His teenage daughter’s birthday is coming up and his neighbor recommended the Twilight Bakery for her cake. Entering the bakery, he recognizes Christine. In highschool they had kissed behind the gym just before he moved away. All through high school he had had a crush on her.e had

 Seeing her now, he cannot believe she is still single, so he asks her out.

Christine remembers Eli from high school and wonders about the town legend. If she drops a coin in the fountain, will the boy from high school who she remembers as being the best kisser ever, come back into her life? Will he accept her as she is? Could this be her one chance for a family, or is she doomed to be a lonely spinster?


Nearing the end of her pregnancy, Flynn MacGregor Calloway and her husband Jesse are looking forward to the birth of their child. Their finances are tight, but though the baby had been a surprise, they do not regret it. It is Christmas Eve and the two, working with the Angel Tree charity, have left home to deliver items to those less unfortunate than they are. However, in the midst of an approaching ice storm, Jesse encounters a problem and is forced to send Flynn home alone.

Eleven miles from home, the storm strikes and Flynn hits a patch of ice. Sliding off the road, she is stuck and her purse with her cellphone has ended up out of the car where she cannot get to it. Just when she thinks things can’t get worse, they do. When Jesse arrives home and realizes she is not there, he is desperate to find her. Will he reach her in time?

Infused with the holiday spirit, THE CHRISTMAS COOKIE COLLECTION, the latest book by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lori Wilde, is a heartwarming assortment of contemporary stories that is sure to touch hearts. Three of these stories have been previously released as part of THE CHRISTMAS COOKIE CHRONICLES in e-book form, not print, but the fourth, GRACE, is a brand new story. These stories will warm your heart and leave you feeling good. This book is ideal for the holidays and all year long, with just the right amount of heat and sizzle and a whole helping of holiday spirit. As these stories show, sometimes angels appear in an unexpected form. Do yourself a favor and don’t let the holidays pass without picking up a copy of THE CHRISTMAS COOKIE COLLECTION. I highly recommend it!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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