The Christmas Letters
By Leigh O
Dec 6, 2006 - 5:39:00 PM

On Christmas Eve, the narrator’s family travels to his parent’s home for the evening. Along with his parents, wife, and daughter, the narrator’s sister, aunt and uncle, and grandparents have gathered for their traditional dinner and celebration. While the family waits for their meal, their talks focus on new homes, club memberships, and careers. Grandfather interrupts the conversations to present each family member with an envelope containing a letter.

The family is confused by the letters.  Grandpa explains, and in turn tells each family member how special they are to him, and how they have made his holiday more joyful each year.  He tells his family as a whole what Christmas, to him, really means.  His words are a gift to them that will change how they view the holiday forever.


Bret Nicholaus, the bestselling author of THE CONVERSATION PIECE books, has a wonderful talent for penning books that spark introspection.  THE CHRISTMAS LETTERS is not a book of questions, but it will have you questioning nevertheless what and who really matter to you at Christmas, and why. Although it is a quick read, this story will stay with you for a long time.  This is a perfect book to share with your family for the holidays.

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