The Christmas Present

Author: Fawn Lowery

Publisher: Extasy Books

Release Date: December 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.0

Format: EBOOK

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When Kate Bentley receives the call that her Aunt Millie is newly married and moved to Florida, she can’t refuse her aunt’s plea that she return to her hometown of Middleton to pack up the house. Because her parents were diplomats who spent their lives overseas and she wanted to remain in her school in the states, Kate spent her teen years with her aunt, enjoying a big, old house next door to Kent Albertson.

She fell in love with Kent from the very beginning. Since he was four years older, she was certain he didn’t know she was alive, but for years she peeped from her bedroom into his, dreaming about the possibility of kissing him. Then he left home and years later so did she, swearing never to return to their small town. Yet here she was, faced not only with packing up her aunt’s belongings, but to prepare the only home she’d ever known for sale.


As if her emotions weren’t already heightened, she finds that Kent is home for the holidays, too. When he appears at her front door and says he’ll help her pack up if she’ll help him decorate his absent parents’ house for the holidays, she readily agrees.


Her wildest dreams are answered when Kent says he wants her—really wants her. She’s never been with a man before but can’t imagine anything better than having Kent as her first lover. The experience is everything she dreamed and more. To her delight, Kent wants her again. And again.


Then, as Christmas creeps closer and Kent doesn’t say he loves her, Kate begins to despair. She’s losing her roots and the love of her life sees her only as an available sex object. Is there any way to salvage the holidays and give Kate the only present she really wants?


I found Kent to be a very likeable character. He’s never shy about saying what he wants while—just like a man—not putting his emotions into words. He’s sweet to pitch in and help Kate with the house; he even wants to decorate cookies which he encourages her to bake. Kate has a hard time deciding if he loves her or loves her not, but her reaction when Kent gives her a most unexpected Christmas present is a rewarding way for the story to end. THE CHRISTMAS PRESENT is a quick read that’s also a sexy tribute to the holidays.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Kris Jones

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