The Christmas She Rules

Author: Jennifer Leeland

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: December 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Pamela Dane isn’t a big fan of the Christmas season.  It’s a difficult time of year for her.  It doesn’t help matters any that several members of her small BDSM group have paired off and her own submissive has gone back to her husband.  She’s not looking for a happily-ever-after, just someone who can appreciate her need to be in control all the time.  Only by maintaining control can she protect her heart and that’s why she remains emotionally detached from her playmates.  Rather than sit around and feel sorry for herself Pamela opts to take a trip to San Francisco.  It seems like the ideal escape – a large city, a better chance of finding a submissive who enjoys her type of dominance, and no emotional drama… only that isn’t exactly what she gets.

Christian Nolan has visited the BDSM club ‘The Cage’ for the past ten years and he’s never wanted to form a permanent relationship with anyone he met there but something about this Mistress calls to the submissive in him and has him longing to get to know her on a more personal level.  Not just sexually and as his Domme but as a woman.  He wants to know what makes her tick and more than anything he desires her permission to touch her – only he’s completely unaware how deeply his requests to touch her, ignoring his own sexual needs, affects her.


What started out as merely a diversion with an anonymous submissive at a BDSM club three hundred miles from home has rattled Pamela to the point that after only a couple evenings of intense play she decides that she can’t handle the implications of the raw emotions he makes her feel.  She’s always chosen playmates who were just looking for a little kink but nothing lasting.  With Christian, Pamela wants more and that terrifies her.  She doesn’t do relationships for a reason so when she panics and runs from the possibility of love things are bound to get complicated… especially when Christian does the unexpected and follows her.  The man deserves answers but he’ll have to take charge of his Mistress if he’s going to get them.


Jennifer Leeland genuinely impressed me with THE CHRISTMAS SHE RULES.  Oddly enough it’s not because of the interactions between Christian and Pamela (even though they were intense and hot enough to make me blush).  Nope, it’s Ms. Leeland’s insight into Pamela’s behavior and the reason behind it that really caught my attention.  She’s carried so much anger, hurt and insecurity within herself for so long it’s a wonder anyone is able to break through the wall of self protection she has built up around herself.  If you’ve ever lost a loved one in a senseless preventable accident then you’d be able to empathize with her – and if you haven’t experienced this sort of pain then this story will give you some insight into the emotional toll such a loss would cause.  Throw in a holiday or two and you have a prime recipe for emotional overload. 


Based on the title you might infer that THE CHRISTMAS SHE RULES is a ‘Christmas’ story but in actuality it’s an excellent read any time of year.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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