The Cinderella Curse
By Gail Northman
Nov 16, 2003 - 6:06:00 AM

Once upon a time, there was a wife who read her daughter a bedtime story.  The story of Cinderella, but to entertain her husband she told him an adult version; THE CINDERELLA CURSE.

Charlotte worked as a design layout assistant for a magazine "On the James".  Charlotte was hard working, studious and excellent at her job. So much so that her spiteful nasty bosses, heaped loads of work on to her keep her working long hours each day and taking all the credit. One day Charlotte is caught in a rain storm where she meets another employee Cooper, who on introduction turns out to be the Assistance Director of Photography.  They become friends, sharing muffins and coffee for breakfast at the office. 

Cooper fascinated by Charlotte's "inner beauty" comes up with an idea for the magazine.  Cooper wants to photograph beautiful homes in the area, but also add a touch of a different kind of beauty.  He wants a woman who is normally plain and unassuming to be given a make-over and for her to appear in the shots.  He knows just the candidate.  Now all Cooper has to do is persuade her, especially after the spiteful duo have had their go at Charlotte. Cooper with patience and understanding does manage to persuade Charlotte, but she has some conditions of her own, conditions that Cooper is not sure he can carry out, but how can he refuse.

Cooper is dreamy, sexy the sort of man everyone woman would want.  Charlotte with her naﶥ insensitivity, made me want to smack her for having her head in the clouds and not seeing what was in the front of her nose.

With all the characters represented, Cinderella, Prince Charming, the ugly sisters and Fairy God-Mother, Dee S. Knight has created her own deliciously erotic adaptation of Cinderella; THE CINDERELLA CURSE. 

Highly entertaining and fun to read Dee S. Knight's well written books are always a delight and THE CINDERELLA CURSE is no exception.

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