The Claiming Of Kitten
By Angel
Mar 5, 2007 - 10:57:00 AM

Lucius Sinclair found the novel of romance and abduction and couldn’t believe that the mousy woman who came for an interview left it behind.  After seeing her he can’t seem to resist a little mischief of his own and what better way to make her dreams come true than to kidnap her and show her what real passion is.  Will Lucius find that he has found the perfect woman?

Alexandra Scott forgot all about her book when she went in to interview for a job.  Abduction is her guilty pleasure and fondest fantasy.  She is shocked when she gets the job and gets to travel across the country.  Even more amazing is when she gets kidnapped and it seems that her fantasy of kidnapping is coming true.  Can she survive the intense desire without involving her heart?


THE CLAIMING OF KITTEN is a terrific abduction story and readers will be panting in anticipation of what will happen next between Alexandra and Lucius.  The love scenes are incredibly erotic and walk the fine line of intense.  Lucius is a dark and sexy character willing to go after what he wants no matter what.  Alexandra is a fighter and isn't willing to just give in to the demands of Lucius.  Together this couple is explosive and it comes through in every interlude.  Isabella Snow has done a magnificent job with an abduction plot walking a fine line between desire and control.  I greatly enjoyed THE CLAIMING OF KITTEN and can’t wait to see what her next book will bring.

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