The Comforts Of Home

Author: Jodi Thomas

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: November 1 ,2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Explore the many facets of love and friendship in the town of Harmony. Here the residents’ ties clash with family secrets during windy days and nights, but a fierce storm blows in, bringing with it some unexpected changes in the air.

Claire Matheson, a renowned artist and a beautiful single mother with a daughter named Saralynn, is meeting Denver Sims on the sly. They are crazy for one another, but Claire does not want it to become public knowledge that they are a couple. She wants it known that she is a man-hater. Denver’s love for her is so intense that he is about to burst his news to everyone. Will they ever proclaim their eternal love for each other in front of their respective families?

A very pretty and reserved lady named Major Kate Cummings is very good friends with funeral director Tyler Wright. Tyler longs for her, sending her e-mails and eagerly awaiting her phone calls, which are far and few between. He knows in his heart that they are meant for each other and yearns to take their relationship to the next level. Kate is a very private and closed person due to her job and so Tyler hesitates. He doesn’t want to jeopardize what they already have together. Funny how weather can alter life and start everything blooming anew. What does fate hold in store for Kate and Tyler?


Ronelle Logan is trying her best to be invisible. Her mother has browbeaten her all of her life and her self-esteem is at an all time low. She is a woman without friends or a social life. Ronelle does have a job as a postal carrier, and her boss is very good to her. He leaves her alone with her thoughts and gives her deliveries that he knows she can handle. When her latest delivery is to a recluse named Marty Winslow, who is a wheelchair bound man with attitude issues, her life is going to change in ways she never imagined. The weather blows up a whirlwind in the lives of this misunderstood couple.    


The whirling wind continues to blow changes right into the life of Noah McAllen, a handsome rodeo bull rider. He wants to hit it big like his dad, but when he takes a nasty spill and lands in the hospital, life makes him reassess his future. He phones his longtime girlfriend, Reagan Truman. Reagan was once a runaway but came to live in Harmony. She lives with her sick Uncle Jeremiah. She has her hands full taking care of him and his farm. Her loyalties lie with her family, but Noah is her very best friend also. She tells him that he should come and stay at the farm while he convalesces. During his recovery time at the farm, his future looks very uncertain. Does his heart still yearn to be a rodeo star or should he settle down with his best girl Reagan? Does the wind ignite a spark of love between them?  

THE COMFORTS OF HOME expertly paints the details of human relationships and the misfortunes that each person goes through. Author Jodi Thomas captures emotions on practically every page of this endearing novel. The plot follows the separate and then intertwining lives of the Harmony town residents. There is a renowned artist, Claire Matheson, who sneakily meets her beau Denver Sims at hotels. Then a girl named Ronelle Logan tries to blend into the woodwork because she is socially inept around people, but meeting a wheelchair bound man with anger management issues brings change into her life. In addition, funeral director Tyler Wright and Major Kate Cummings are having relationship problems, but the weather blows change into their lives also. An injured rodeo rider recuperates at his longtime girlfriend’s farm with her sick uncle. Author Thomas excels at portraying the delicate dynamics between lovers, friends, strangers and family members. This story has more secondary characters than I have seen in a long time! They each make their own imprint into the lives of each person they touch. Jodi Thomas’ thoroughly captivating novel draws readers into her characters lives in a way that makes them seem real and unforgettable. I love how Thomas explores the many aspects of guilt, anger and regret, which infuses her whole story with the classic would’ve/should’ve emotions. THE COMFORTS OF HOME is a smart and multilayered story about intimate personal interactions. When the winds of change leave Harmony, it trails a sense of smiling wonder in its wake.



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Michele Rioli

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