The Commitment
By Sarah W
Mar 24, 2004 - 1:42:00 AM

THE COMMITMENT by Karin Huxman is the story of a marriage of convenience gone wrong. Drake McLain pretends to marry Miranda Symons in order to get revenge on her sister, Lucy, his ex-wife. After Miranda wakes up from a drunken night in
Las Vegas, and finds Drake in bed with her, she is horrified, and a little
bewildered. What had gone on the night before? As Drake's story of their "marriage" comes to light, Miranda, being the organized, and efficient Millennium Tech employee that she is, wants an annulment. Drake convinces her to wait, as she might be pregnant. Of course Drake knows better, as they didn't actually sleep together. Nonetheless, as much as he hates hurting Miranda like this, he has to use her to figure out the company espionage that has been going on behind his back. Shares of Millennium Tech have been mysteriously bought up, much to Drake's dismay. With Miranda's help, Drake intends to uncover the criminals.

THE COMMITMENT is a good love story with an interesting cast of characters. Drake starts out with the wrong intentions towards Miranda, but quickly learns that there is a lot hidden behind Miranda's executive image. She is a caring, deep, funny, and sexy woman who just wants to find a good man to settle down with and raise a family, someone who will love her for who she is. Miranda is a wonderful heroine, as she is very independent, and isn't willing to compromise herself for others. It's wonderful to read about two such strong and caring characters fall in love. THE COMMITMENT has plenty of romance, and intrigue to keep the story flowing and the reader interested in finding out how Miranda and Drake resolve their differences.

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