The Continuity Girl

Author: Leah McLaren

Publisher: 5 spot

Release Date: February 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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As the continuity girl, Meredith's job is to ensure that each take on a film is consistent with the others - no props or dialogue out of place.  Meredith runs her life the same way, everything planned out nice and tidy.  That is until she walks off the set of a movie, then wakes up on her thirty-fifth birthday with the realization that she wants to have a child. 

When a trip to her OB/GYN gives her an unexpected meeting with a popular - and handsome - fertility expert, Meredith's fear that her eggs are running out is confirmed.  Studying the neighborhood "yummies" (expectant moms) has given her a wealth of knowledge about what to do with a baby; now she just needs to find a man to give her one.

Meredith's free-love poet mother lands her a job on a new movie, so Meredith packs her bags and heads for London.  London may have rain and her mother, but it also has men who have good genes and live an entire ocean away from Meredith and would be none-the-wiser to a "sperm bandit".  Aided by her mother and best friend, Meredith goes on a search for a man to father her baby, and finds something unexpected along the way.

THE CONTINUITY GIRL is an amusing and witty debut by author Leah McLaren.  Readers are treated to clever dialogue, comical antics, and a glimpse at movie making drama.  Meredith is enjoyable as the single woman who suddenly finds herself seeking the very thing she has spent years avoiding.  The secondary characters, especially Meredith's mother, add appeal and nicely round out the story without taking it over.  This is a fun read that chick-lit fans will find engaging.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Leigh

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