The Cop

Author: Sasha White, Alyssa Brooks, Renee Alexis

Publisher: Kensington Aphrodisia

Release Date: October 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Vanessa Lawson has been robbing men for her friend Ophelia as a favor to her. But she wanted out. She told Ophelia that she had done her last job the day before because a cop came looking for information about women knowing the art of Shebari, a type of bonding that would not hurt someone, but to make sure they could not get loose. Vanessa knew Shebari really well and was an expert on bondage but she did not want Kane Michaels to know this. Kane was a very handsome man and she was attracted to him. Vanessa worked at the O Club for Ophelia and loved what she did, but she wanted more than this. She wanted someone to love and be loved back. Kane fit the bill to a T. Would Vanessa be able keep her secret so Kane could not find out she was the Risqué robber? She knew that she could easily fall for Kane.


Kane was looking for the Risqué robber when he met Vanessa. She was a beautiful woman and he needed her the more he was with her. He had a job to do but he also had a need for sex with Vanessa. She put a smile on his face and made him laugh; the sex when they were together was scorching hot and made his blood boil. Was Vanessa hiding something? Could she be the robber?


ARRESTED-Alyssa Brooks


Kristen was running from her ex-boyfriend, Kurt Black. She knew what he was into and wanted no part in it. But Kurt would not let her go, so Kristen ran with her car, dog and the only clothes she had on. She was headed home when she stopped for gas in a small town named Paradise. She tried her credit card and found out that Kurt had canceled the cards and that she would have to pay cash. She was walking out of the station when she noticed someone talking to her dog Snowball. It was the sheriff. He was there to arrest her for stealing the car. But the car was hers. Only Kurt had reported it stolen. The sheriff was handsome and he sure looked good in his tight pants. Maybe she could talk her way out of this mess, or just maybe she could have a little fun while she waited for her chance to run. She knew she had to get away before Kurt found her or he would kill her. Could Sheriff Reid Walker be convinced that Kurt was a mad man?


Reid Walker was sitting in his truck when the call came in that a corvette was reported stolen and at that moment it flew passed him. He did not need his lights to stop her because she pulled over at the gas station to get gas. When she got out he noticed her long legs and knew what she could do with them but he had a job to do, so he pulled up behind her and got out. As she was walking out, he was sure she was going to run but she kept walking and asked what she could do for him. He asked all the right questions but she gave all the wrong answers. Reid placed her under arrest with much protest from her. He could not keep her at the jail so he took her home with him to keep her until someone came to get her. Bad move on his part. The more he was with Kristen the more he wanted to make love to her. Could she be telling the truth, or was he just hoping she was?



Tracy Shane was speeding down the interstate dreaming about a cop that worked with her when she realized she had missed her turn, so she decided to turn into the median and go back the way she came. After her turn she noticed flashing red and blue lights in her mirror and pulled over. It was the cop of her dreams. He is tall, dark and handsome.  She had been admiring him from afar for quite sometime but hadn’t had the courage to talk to him. Well now was the time. Officer Tony Davenport had just pulled her over. As she was waiting for him to get out of the car and come to her car, she had a vision of him frisking her in a way that no cop would do. Wow, what a dream. But reality hits when she gets a ticket and a fine for reckless driving. But that didn’t stop her from dreaming of the hot sex they could have. Could she be falling for Tony or was it just lust?


Tony Davenport was driving down the highway when he saw a car cross the median. He stopped the car and found that the one woman he had been eyeing from afar was the speeder. Tony was shy around Tracy because he was married but separated from his wife. Tony’s wife was Tracy’s boss. He was just waiting for the right time to speak to her but this was not the place and time. But it gave him the opening to catch her attention, even if he had to give her a ticket for speeding and turning around in the median. After the court hearing, he went to talk to Tracy and gave her the money back for the fine.  Things just started right from there. He and Tracy hit it off right from the start. The sexual tension was in the air and they both wanted to be together from the start. After having sex with Tracy for the first time, Tony knew he had to get away from his wife and fast. All he could think about was Tracy. Could he be falling in love with Tracy?


THE COP is a fantastic read. I enjoyed all the stories in the book and could not put it down until I was finished. SEX AS A WEAPON by Sasha White is a fast-paced story and the sex is very hot. Vanessa and Kane leave you wanting more sexual action.  ARRESTED by Alyssa Brooks will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, trying to figure out how Kristen and Reid were going to get out of the mess that they were in and if Reid was ever going to believe Kristen. The sex is smoldering hot and will have you fanning yourself while reading.  And last but not the least, DETROT’S FINEST by Renee Alexis will leave you wanting more to read. It is great story about finding love but not being able to be together because of another person involved. Tony and Tracy will lead you on a hot and wild ride with them and the scorching sex is wonderful. I enjoyed reading these stories and I know others will too. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes hot reads and the wonderful authors that bring you them to you.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Terri

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