The Corporate Cowboy
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 1, 2006 - 12:16:00 PM

Luke Dutton is working as the acting CEO of his father's company in downtown Dallas. To anyone who looks at him, he appears to be a man who has it all - money, women, prestige. Luke's bored with the corporate lifestyle and wants nothing more than to return to his ranch.

CJ Wilson is determined to get back her stolen ranch. It was her parents home, the one place that CJ feels closest to them. Her stepfather is trying to sell it to Dutton Industries. She's much more comfortable in the country than the city, but she'll do whatever she has to in order to save her home

All of CJ's attempts at contacting the CEO of Dutton Industries have been ignored. In order to have any chance at reclaiming her ranch she knows she must keep the CEO from voting at the board meeting. Impulsively, CJ kidnaps William Lucas Dutton before the board meeting. Only she kidnaps the wrong CEO. Luke is shocked by CJ's appearance in his office. That she'd attempt to kidnap him with an unloaded gun amuses Luke. She's so refreshingly different from the women he's accustomed. Luke goes along with her plans, even lets her bind his hands. Of course, he draws the line at letting her fly his helicopter. She may think she's in charge but only because Luke's allowing her that illusion. He has plans of his own and taming this little wild filly is at the top of his list.

THE CORPORATE COWBOY had me glued to the storyline from the very first page. CJ's impulsiveness will keep the reader constantly guessing at what she'd do next or what her reaction to some bit of news was going to be. I just knew that it'd be explosive when she learns that she kidnapped the wrong man and then finds out that Luke has a ranch and isn't really a suit and tie kind of businessman man. The scene between CJ and Luke's ex-girlfriend at the prim and proper dinner had me laughing so hard. For a girl who avoids any sort of public scene, when CJ decides to take on the enemy she does it with style! Kathryn Anne Dubois? writing is simply delightful.

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