The Corset Diaries
By Sarah W
May 20, 2004 - 3:47:00 PM

When Tessa gets the chance to earn ten thousand dollars, she doesn't want to pass it up. Unfortunately, that means she has to go back in time, to Victorian England to be exact. Tessa becomes involved in the TV show A Month in the Life of a Victorian Duke, but she doesn't know what to expect. She's a bit scared, a bit excited, and a bit nauseous when she arrives in
England and doesn't leave the best impression with her new "husband" Max when she throws up on his shoes. Not the best first impression, but Tessa is hoping Max will forgive and forget. Despite having to wear a corset, Tessa discovers being Max's new American duchess is a lot of fun, especially when they share a sizzling kiss.

Tessa and Max are instantly attracted to each other, despite her little accident. Unfortunately, both are carrying a lot of emotional baggage around with them. Tessa is a widow and isn't sure she can commit herself to a new relationship yet. She is also doubtful of her own attraction because she isn't the svelte woman that she is sure Max is used to. Max is carrying around a lot of guilt and anxiety due to his best friend' s recent death, and he is trying to help his twelve year old daughter Melody adjust to life in their Victorian mansion. He leaves Tessa in the dark a lot regarding their relationship and this leaves her insecure of their budding relationship.


Add to the mix a "revolting" servant class, a hypochondriac butler, a housekeeper who believes in spirits and the fact that someone is out to sabotage the show and it all equals a zany, fun romp in Victorian England. Tessa and Max are an absolute delight, sharing lots of double entendres and steamy moments in this comedic story. THE CORSET DIARIES is packed with hilarious moments, but it also deals with the serious issues of divorce, body image, and how one treats other people. Tessa deeply cares for the woes of her household staff and tries to keep their spirits up during their month long sojourn as servants.


THE CORSET DIARIES is a great story. I really enjoyed reading about Tessa's experience in a Victorian mansion. Written in journal style from the first person point of view, Tessa describes her experience as a duchess as she describes the filming, the costumes, the staff, and the balls and parties. The reader will get a first rate look at what living in Victorian England would have been like. Though the love story between Tessa and Max is the main focus of the story, the secondary characters make this story more realistic than ever. Katie MacAlister has penned a funny and romantic story that any reader will be sure to enjoy.

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