The Cottage at Glass Beach

Author: Heather Barbieri

Publisher: Harper

Release Date: May 15, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.0

Format: PRINT

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Nora Cunningham is the perfect political wife, married to the Massachusetts attorney general. They had met in law school. But she had given up her work, concentrating on helping her husband and doting on her children, Annie, who is seven, and Ellie, a twelve-year-old. But her perfect life collapses when her husband Malcolm becomes embroiled in scandal when he has an affair. After receiving a letter from her Aunt Maire, Nora, humiliated and hounded by the press, jumps at the chance to take her daughters to the beach cottage where she was born on the Maine coast. She has not been back to Burke Island since she was five-years-old. Her last memories of her mother had been just prior to that. Nora and her mother had been frolicking on the beach. Later, Nora had been found wandering the beach and her mother had disappeared. Distraught, her father had packed up and left the island, destroying all of her mother’s pictures and any reminder of her. Nora’s daughters react differently to their time away. Ellie is angry at being separated from her father while Annie is becoming acquainted with the mysteries and magic of the ocean.

As she recovers at the beautiful beach, collecting sea glass for her own projects, the ocean seems to beckon to her. As she sits by the water, succumbing to her grief, her tears flow into the ocean water. A few days later, a man named Owen Kavanaugh, a mysterious fisherman, is shipwrecked on the nearby rocks and she comes to his rescue. She tries to discover something about him. Could he be a selkie drawn to her by her tears as Polly, her aunt’s friend, proposes, or is he a just a man coming to terms with his own personal problems? According to Celtic lore, selkies are actually seals who can temporarily turn human while on land. The local people believe that selkies come to the aid of mortals. If Owen is a selkie, could her tears be the reason he has suddenly appeared? Nora is drawn to Owen, but her children want their father. As Nora rediscovers who she is, besides a wife and mother, she must decide what it is she really wants.

A haunting tale, THE COTTAGE AT GLASS BEACH, the latest novel by talented author Heather Barbieri, is a mysterious, captivating contemporary romance that will capture your attention from the very beginning. On this island, which was settled by Irish immigrants, superstition and magic abound and the memories of her mother haunt her, even more so on the island. Even the seals seem to be communicating with her as the sea beckons to her. Filled with seaside life, selkies, Celtic mythology, small town beliefs, family dynamics, mystery, complex characters, a magical setting, an interesting plot, scandal, secrets and romance, this story is a great summer or beach read. Do not miss it!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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