The Cougar Club
By Dottie
Feb 8, 2010 - 8:19:54 PM

Kat Maguire, at the age of forty-five, is shocked when she is given the decision to either take an exit package or start over again.  The company is being transformed with a much younger workforce. Taking the exit package, she goes home and finds her live-in lover at the computer.  He had his pants down as he watches a porn site.  This is the last straw.  After her much younger lover leaves for work, she packs her bags with her few belongings and goes home to her parents In St. Louis.  After closing herself away in her old bedroom for days, she eventually comes out and begins life anew, but what is she going to do now?

Carla, a very popular and famous newscaster, has helped raise the ratings in the twenty years she has been in the job.  When she was younger, she liked older men and she married her older boss, Burton, who helped her get the newscaster position.  She had replaced the much older female newscaster.  At forty-five, she did not consider herself old, but now Burton, her boss and ex-husband, is trying to replace her with a much younger woman, Amber Sue, who is less experienced and sleeping with him.  Feeling this must be karma, she is determined to fight it and keep her job.  She feels her great ratings and her fans will not allow it to happen…at least she hopes so.  Her much younger lover Randy is the sportscaster and he tries to encourage her to believe in herself, but she believes even the owner does not like her. 


Elise, at forty-five, has a son in college and a husband who is never home.  An empty nester, she can’t help remembering how things used to be.  She had given a lot of herself to raising her child when he was growing up.  Now, not only is he in med school, but he is also planning to get married to a girl Elise likes.  Running into her son’s old coach, who is not much older than her son is, she is stunned at the tingles she begins to feel.  Elise can’t believe she is drawn to a man so young.  She knows her marriage needs work so she tries to do something about it and forget about the young coach.  However, she is not prepared for the shock that she is about to receive.


After school, Kat left town and the three women went their separate ways, busy with careers and living.  They had been friends all through school.  Kat had been the glue that kept the three best friends together.  When she returned home years later, everyone had changed, but inside the women were the same and they were thrilled to be reunited.  They become reacquainted, learning each other’s problems and trying to help each other.  Meeting and doing things helps take their minds off their problems, but what is in store for the next stage of their lives? Will Carla keep her newscaster position?  Can Elise make her marriage work or will she turn to her much younger wannabe lover?  What will Kat do now that she has lost her job?


THE COUGAR CLUB is a very enjoyable contemporary romance.  At times, heartbreaking and sometimes filled with joy, this story of three women facing life after forty is a terrific read.  These women have found that after women get to a certain age, the men who are their age are looking for young women, not women like them.  Therefore, they go where the younger men are and find the joy and love they are missing.  They also find that life and love comes with its share of successes and heartbreaks, no matter what age you are.  Readers may get emotionally involved with this book, laughing aloud one moment and in tears the next.  This tale of joy and heartbreak with its well-drawn characters and original plot is a delight.  I absolutely loved it. I enjoy all of author Susan McBride’s books.  She writes with humor and feeling.  I highly recommend THE COUGAR CLUB for anyone looking for an extraordinary read.

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