The Cougar Meets Her Master

Author: KyAnn Waters

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Release Date: February 8, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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As the manager of a Las Vegas resort/casino Taylor Davis is a busy woman with no time for relationships nor is she interested in becoming involved.   She claims to be in love with her work and has all the ‘man’ she requires in her b.o.b. (battery-operated boyfriend).  

The last thing Taylor needs is to be babysitting her best friend Rachel’s nephew, but she’s been asked to secure him a room for a couple of days.   Rachel mentions that Colt  just graduated and his apartment in Vegas isn’t quite ready.   Taylor assumes Rachel means he just graduated high school, but there’s no way the man who introduces himself as Colt Foster is prime alpha male and Taylor doesn’t need the complication of starting a sexual relationship with her best friend’s nephew who’s at least ten years younger than her.


Colt’s a man fully in control of his life.   He stays physically fit, is career driven and desires a woman with a spunky attitude to submit to his every sexual desire.   Since he reads the business news he’s already aware of Taylor’s reputation for being a demanding hard ass but nothing prepares him for actually meeting her.


Colt doesn’t take it well when the front desk receptionist calls up to his room to inform him that Taylor’s left instructions for him to meet her for dinner.   He chooses not to leave a message for Taylor but rather confront her himself.   After learning that she’s at the indoor pool off the exercise room he changes and heads down there to work out while he waits for her.   In the exercise room he engages an attractive woman in a friendly competition on the treadmills while he waits for Taylor to emerge from the pool.   Afterwards he invites the mystery woman to meet him for a drink later, she agrees but tells him that she has a dinner plans but she should be able to ditch her companion by nine.   It isn’t until they’re on the elevator heading up to their rooms that they officially introduce themselves.   Taylor doesn’t think she needs a man and Colt is determined to prove her wrong.   But for him to capture his cougar he’s going to have to prove that she needs to be mastered just as much as he needs to master.


I recently watched a television program on Hollywood Cougars and was fascinated by the women who snare much younger men, there’s just something wonderfully exciting about the whole concept.   KyAnn Waters tells an exciting tale with THE COUGAR MEETS HER MASTER.   Taylor’s so cool and collected she really needed someone to shake her up a bite and take a bit of the starch out of her shorts. Colt’s dominance is just what she needs - with him in control Taylor’s free to be a woman rather than just a manager.  


KyAnn Water has proven herself to have a talent for writing sexy tales that engage the reader’s senses and keeps you riveted to the storyline.   THE COUGAR MEETS HER MASTER is a captivating story that may have women eyeballing younger men with a feral look in their eyes.   Since the cover of this book has COUGAR CLUB on it, I’m really hoping there will be a whole series of cougar books.   That’d be puuuurfect.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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