The Courtyard
By Rhea Palmer
Nov 3, 2008 - 9:11:44 AM

Henry Morley has just remodeled a group of cottages nearby called The Courtyard, and he has recently married beautiful, vivacious, if somewhat shallow, Gillian.  Gillian seems to be able to offer sound advice on the cottages, but she seems to have a little trouble managing her own affairs.  However, Henry is a patient man with all the time in the world to cater to her material needs.  Little does he know that Gillian may turn out to be the death of him.  Gillian consistently spends more than she has, and she continues to approach her mother, godmother and lover for whatever money she can cajole out of them.  Nevertheless, she is fast running out of options and desperate measures may have to be taken.

Meanwhile, The Courtyard becomes home to an eclectic group of tenants, all of whom have their own reasons for moving into the cottages.  Their lives intertwine, forming an alliance, which will come in handy when they are faced with a tragedy involving Nell and, ultimately, the entire Courtyard community, which may be almost too much to bear for even the ones indirectly involved. 


In THE COURTYARD, Marcia Willet has put together a fun story with loads of characters from so many backgrounds; you will find it easy to enjoy at least one of them.  Gillian’s selfishness, Henry’s laid-back personality, Nell’s sweetness, John’s high-strung tendencies all contribute to this sweet story about normal people and the trials they face.  I recommend THE COURTYARD and the quirky, funny and touching lives of its clan to any reader.



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